What Causes Dark Circles around the Eyes? Top 4 Triggers to Watch Out For

Is the area around your eyes getting darker each day? Those dark circles may make some people freak out, while others dismiss the condition as a nuisance that will be eventually gone on its own. However, dark circles around the eyes should not be ignored, unless you find raccoon eyes attractive.

Dark circles are the second most complained about dermatological problem, next to acne. Aside from making you look tired, dark circles around the eyes can also make you look older, depressed, sick, and stressed. Not to mention that this problem can make you the butt of every joke.

Various factors cause black circles around or under the eyes. In most cases, the tendency for developing dark circles is inherited. Here are other causes you must watch out for:

1. Lack of shut-eye

Lack of sleep and fatigue are also among the leading causes of dark circles. If you lack sleep, you tend to become pale. This allows the blood in the skin around the eyes to become noticeable, making the area look dark or bluish. Sun exposure also contributes to dark circles because it boosts pigmentation of the skin around the eyes.

2. Menstruation and pregnancy

Women are more prone to having dark circles around the eyes than men because of menstruation and pregnancy, which make the skin paler and the blood vessels around the eyes more visible.

3. Medications

If you are taking medicines that cause the blood vessels to expand, then you are likely to develop black circles around your eyes. Since the skin near your eyes is sensitive, increased blood circulation in it will show through the skin.

4. Health issues

Any health condition that triggers itchiness in your eyes can lead to discoloration of the area around them. Asthma, allergies, hay fever, and eczema can cause you to constantly scratch your skin, making it darker.

Moreover, lack of nutrients in your diet makes you prone to developing dark circles around the eyes. Aging can also naturally cause the discoloration.